A smart

puzzle game

Explore a hypnotic world built of handmade clay characters.


Unique game play and enchanting clay characters challenge you with a puzzle experience like no other. 





The Queen

The Queen protects the most powerful force in the world—love! Her iconic image makes her popular in kingdoms far and wide beyond her own—with many mimicking her ruby dusted eyelids. But behind her pristine style and her arrogant facade is a heart of gold. The world is in peril and she needs your intelligence to save it!


The King

Steady does it. The King lives and rules with compassion. His trustworthy nature makes him a good leader. Would he prefer to be snail racing or crocheting instead of saving the world? Maybe on some days, especially when the Queen is at her most demanding. But like I suggested—his patience comes in handy. He needs your help, and you'll need his too.


The Witch

Taking over the world with a dark curse is harder than you might think. The Witch has a perpetual headache, she's exhausting her resources by the day, and her daemons are constantly throwing bones at her! Yes, HER daemons. Nonetheless, she’s determined. Don't let her scare you though. Her achilles heel is black liquorice! Find some of that and she'll be googly-eyed. 


A Ruler

For thousands of years, the world’s kingdoms have lived in love and peace. With the recent curse, they're in a state of chaos. Some Rulers are handling it well (I mean, as well as they can). Others are out to lunch! The Rulers come in all shapes and sizes—short and tall, smart and silly, honest and less so—with personalities as colourful as their lands. Enjoy them as you travel their lands. Be nice! They're powerful.  


The Making of




Meet the team

Gabriel Palomino

Game Design & Development

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Larissa & Mathilda Honsek

Clay & Digital Art

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Thomas Williams

Music & Sound Design

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Stefanie Palomino

Art Direction

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Marguerite Imbert


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Abel Bascuñana

Game Consultant

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